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by Susan L. Hutton

Susan L. Hutton
Mixed Metal Jewelry by Susan L. Hutton

In order to create my different metals, I shape and flatten bronze and copper wires and sterling silver shot..  I then arrange and solder these shapes onto bronze sheet metal.  Next, I use a rolling mill to simultaneously compress and stretch the combined metals, thus fine tuning their fluid patterns.  Upon completion of each piece of jewelry, I oxidize and buff to accentuate the raised shapes.  I then lacquer them to help prevent further oxidation.  All posts, clutches, ear wires and seamless snake chains are sterling silver.

Beach Stone Jewelry by Susan L. Hutton

I have been collecting rocks since I was a small child, so it's no surprise that I would choose this direction in my jewelry making.
Strolling the beaches of Deer Isle, ME is one of my favorite activities.  I also collect a bit from other areas of the state.  I cut, grind down the rough sides and polish both sides to a satin finish, leaving them natural, as if the ocean just washed over them.  All are set in Sterling Silver.  The rings I set open backed so one can appreciate the changes in patterning from one side to the other.  The same with pendants and fibulas.  At times the stone lends itself to cutting out a scene in the metal (as shown below).  All are double sided pieces.  
Susan L. Hutton
Mixed Metal Jewelry
Below is a very small sampling of my mixed metal jewelry. 
I have a much broader selection in Catalog Form, e-mail me at susanhutton@myfairpoint.net
Susan L. Hutton
Found, Cut, Polished and Set in Sterling Silver, Beach Stone Jewelry